Term Dates

Holiday Dates 2016-17

Holiday School closes at 3.15pm School reopens at 8.50am
Summer Friday 15th July 2016 Monday 5th September 2016
Autumn Half Term Friday 21st  October 2016 Monday 31st October 2016
Christmas Tuesday 20th December 2016 Monday 9th January 2017
Spring Half Term Friday 10th February 2017 Monday 20th February 2017
Easter Thursday 13th April 2017 Monday 24th April 2017
May Day Friday 28th April 2017 Tuesday 2nd May 2017
Summer Half Term Friday 26th May 2017 Monday 12th June 2017
Summer Friday 21st July 2017  


  1. Thursday 1st September 2016
  2. Friday 2nd September 2016
  3. May Day: Monday 1st May 2017

Holiday Dates 2017-18

Holiday School closes at 3.15pm School reopens at 8.50am
Summer Friday 21st July 2017 Tuesday 5th September 2017
Autumn Half Term Friday 20th October 2017 Tuesday 31st October 2017
Christmas Thursday 21st December 2017 Monday 8th January 2018
Spring Half Term Friday 9th February 2018 Monday 19th February 2018
Easter Thursday 29th March 2018 Monday 9th April 2018
May Day Friday 4th May 2018 Tuesday 8th May 2018
Summer Half Term Friday 25th May 2018 Monday 11th June 2018
Summer Friday 20th July 2018 TBA

Inset Days:

  1. Friday 1st September 2017
  2. Monday 4th September 2017
  3. Monday 30th October 2017

Holiday Dates 2018 – 2019

Holiday School closes at 3:15pm School reopens at 8:50am
Summer Fri July 20th 2018 Wed September 5th 2018
Autumn half term Fri October 26th 2018 Mon November 5th 2018
Christmas Thurs December 20th 2018 Mon January 7th 2019
Spring half term Fri February 15th 2019 Mon February 25th 2019
Easter Thurs April 18th 2019 Mon April 29th 2019
May day Fri May 3rd 2019 Tues May 7th 2019
Summer half term Fri May 24th 2019 Mon June 10th 2019
Summer  Fri July 19th 2019 TBC

Inset days

Monday 3rd September 2018

Tuesday 4th September 2018

Other Notes 

  • School Day times can be found on our Attendance and Punctuality Page.
  • The Statutory Assessment Tests for Year 2 and Year 6 occur during May. Year 1 Phonic Assessments take place in June. If your child is absent on any test date then your child will not be awarded a level. The tests in Year 6 can only be taken on a prescribed day and cannot be taken at any other time. 
  • For information regarding Attendance and term time holidays please see our Attendance and Punctuality page