Other Key Notes

A collection of key reference notes, regarding your polices and aspects relating to your child’s day-to-day life at Corpus. If your child has just started at Corpus, please take the time to familiarise yourself with this information.


If you have a concern or complaint we would like you to tell us about it!

In the first instance, please speak to your child’s teacher, or ring school to make an appointment.  If the problem is still not resolved, please arrange an appointment with the Key Stage Leader:

  • Foundation Stage – Miss M Smith
  • KS1 – Mrs G Cooper
  • KS2 – Mr R Jones

The next step would be to see Mr Hanson, Executive Headteacher.  

Appointments can be made through the office.

Full details of the School’s Complaints procedure can be found in the document on the school policies page.

Community Links

Newman RC College, Oldham

Soccer Stars Coaching, Oldham

Info about Collecting Vouchers For Sainsbury’s Active Kids

Info About The Morrison’s Let’s Grow Scheme

MAHDLO youth centre

School Meals

  • The mid-day meal, eaten at school must be taken with due regard for table manners as a sign of respect due to each other, to the kitchen staff and mid-day supervisory staff.
  • Dinner money at present is £2.10 per day, £10.50 per week per child and is collected in advance on Monday morning.
  • Parents are asked to send the correct dinner money in an envelope with the name on the outside, regularly on a Monday to avoid unnecessary clerical work.
  • It is not our policy to refuse a child a dinner, but if dinner money is not received as requested, a note will be sent home to say that we cannot provide any more meals until payment is made.
  • If you wish your child to bring a packed lunch, it must be in a proper container and any drink must be in a plastic drinking cup or unbreakable flask.
  • Bottles and cans are not allowed at the table.
  • Children wishing to change from school dinners to sandwiches must do so at the beginning of half term. Parents should send in a note informing us of the change.
  • Parents who think that their child may be entitled to dinners without payment, should contact the Schools Welfare Department at the Education Shop or telephone 0161 624 9550 or 0161 624 6035.

School Trip and Visits

Wherever possible, the costs of school trips are paid for through the Pupil Premium Grant as we endeavour to provide our children with as many first hand experiences as possible.

There are occasions when parents are asked for voluntary contributions towards trips and some extracurricular activities. A facility to contribute over a period of time will always be made available to parents.

The LA have issued guidelines for schools to comply with before any school trip can take place. As a school we now have to document that all necessary risk assessments have been undertaken and that the ratio of adults to children complies with regulations.

Parents must ensure that they sign and return all permission slips prior to a school trip taking place.

A full copy of the School’s Charging Policy is available on the policies page for parents to read.