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We are an OUTSTANDING Primary School!


Post Ofsted Review

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Final Inspection Report 2015

Post Inspection Narrative

“The pursuit of excellence whilst loving God and others.” The mission statement for our school. A school where only the best is good enough from the staff and the children.

In recent years the team at school have worked tirelessly to improve every area with the aim of providing our children with the best possible education and the chance to develop all aspects of their lives. They continue to do this on a daily basis.

There has been a continual focus on making sure the children are part of lessons where they are active throughout, where they lead their own learning and where they make rapid progress. Every lesson counts and there is no excuse for lost learning time at Corpus Christi.

There is a shared vision whereby the school’s talented, creative and skilled Teachers and Teaching Assistants work hard during lessons to make sure the needs of all children are met and that they have regular opportunities to solve problems throughout the curriculum. They question the children with skill, taking every opportunity to stretch their thinking and methods of making sense of concepts they did not previously understand, the result being that children make rapid gains and that when they leave Corpus Christi they are fully ready for the challenges of Secondary School.

The faith life of the school is strong. Jesus Christ is at the centre and a wide ranging array of activities ensure the children are immersed in the gospel. Class and whole school masses are complimented by class meditations, retreat days and a curriculum based on scripture. The pupil chaplains lead prayer through school and the rainbows group helps children to talk about their feelings. The welcoming ethos of the school is almost tangible and relationships are positive and strong.

The learning environment has seen huge improvements. Classrooms, shared areas and the playgrounds are now something to be proud of, where the work of the children is celebrated and the school’s high expectations are conveyed to them long before an adult needs to explain. The children know they must do their best, as teachers and teaching assistants set the best possible examples through their constant drive to work in a professional environment.

The extra curricular life of the school also continues to improve, providing the children with a wide choice of activities to further develop their skills. Attendance at after school clubs has soared in recent years with children in all phases of the school having the opportunity to learn new instruments, sing in the choir, become experts in Martial Arts, develop their sporting skills, bake, sew, become expert athletes, scientists, chaplains, philosophers and mathematicians to name just a few.

A range of daily school visits, visiting speakers and Residential trips for Y4, Y5 and Y6 are now commonplace with the children spending time away from home developing their self esteem, sense of responsibility and problem solving skills. Enrichment activities they will remember fondly forever.

Additional to these improvements, we have seen the progress children make rise significantly above the national expectation for the past two years and for the school to be placed amongst the top performing establishments in the Local Authority and high performing nationally when compared to similar schools.

There is no doubt that the introduction of a new curriculum, changes to the way schools are inspected and the expectations placed on our young people have proved to be the most significant in the history of our education system in the United Kingdom. Corpus had to respond in the best way to ensure the children improve as a result, rather than simply making changes for the sake of making them. There is no doubt our children have benefitted and that had we not made the changes needed, the school would not be as effective as it currently is.

At midday on the 29th November 2015 Her Majesty’s Inspectors informed us that we were to be inspected the next day and that two inspectors would begin at 8am on the 1st December. Inspectors observed the children in their lessons, looked closely at their work and listened to them read. They focused on how school leaders have improved the education on offer and how we keep the children safe.

Inspections of ‘good’ schools are now one day unless inspectors think there is a chance of the school falling below ‘good’ or in fact move towards a higher judgement. At 3pm on the 1st December we were informed that inspectors needed more evidence to prove the school was still ‘good’ and that it was potentially better. The inspection was therefore converted to a full inspection and the team was increased to five inspectors on the 2nd December.

Their decision at the end of the second day was unanimous. I am pleased to inform you that for the first time in the history of Corpus Christi, our children now attend an Outstanding school. That the education they receive is outstanding, leadership, teaching and learning, achievement and behaviour are all outstanding.

Moving forward, we have a strong team of staff, morale is high and there is a culture of hard work and high expectation. We are committed to developing where needed and continuing to offer the best possible opportunities for our young people.

As a staff we are extremely delighted that our commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, faith, spirituality and Catholic ethos has been recognised by OFSTED. All staff from the catering team, to the site manager, the cleaners, admin, teachers and teaching assistants are united in that they always go above and beyond what is expected to help the children to reach their full potential. We are committed to maintaining this standard.

We are very proud of our children in their behaviour, work ethos and the care they show for everyone. These qualities amongst many others were recognised by OFSTED but are also are commented upon on a daily basis. We would like to thank all parents and governors for their support of the recent changes and for embracing the risks that were required to change the school into one of the very best.

We now pray that as a team we continue to strive for the very best and ask God to stay with us on our journey. A copy of the final inspection report will be sent home with the children tonight, please take the time to read about our achievement.

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