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Prayer Partners

Today Robins and Woodpeckers met their prayer partners once again.
We looked at a fantastic presentation all about ‘The Christingles’ and together we created one each with the love and support of our partners.
Together we discussed what each component represented.
When we had finished, we swapped the Christingles
with our prayer partner.

We looked at the different parts of the Christingles, understanding which each part represented.

The Christingle is a symbolic object made up of 4 components:

-An orange: representing the world.

-A red ribbon: representing the blood/love of Christ.

A candle: representing Jesus- the light of the world.

-4 cocktail sticks with sweets or dried fruit: representing the four seasons and the fruits of the Earth and God’s gifts.

                 We can’t wait until our next meeting with our prayer partners.

May God bless you on your journey.

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