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Girls’ Football Success

The girls’ football squad continues to develop and is rapidly becoming one of the best performing teams in Oldham. This week they took part in the girls’ football finals having progressed through the group stages earlier this year. We are pleased to announce the following results:

Erin Weir and Aliyah Iqbal have written a match report for the tournament:

Sainsbury’s School Games girls football tournament

Warm up match

During the warm up game we played against Mills Hill and played fantastically winning 8-0. Erin, Darcey and Wiktoria all scored; with Erin scoring 3, Darcery also scoring 3 and Wiktoria scoring 2. We all played very well talking to each other.

First match

In the first game match we played against Knowsley School and the score was 6-0 to us. Erin, Darcey and Wiktoria were once again the scorers. Erin scored her second hat-trick of the tournament and her celebrations were fantastic. Darcey scored two goals and Wiktoria one which made us really happy with ourselves. Lily Longden played a fantastic cross into the box to set up Erin with her first goal.

Second match

When it came to the second match is was a tough one – all about defence. Their defending was brilliant as was ours with the game finishing 0-0. Kaylee-Rose and Imani were strong in defence blocking everything and making important tackles. In net Aliyah was everywhere making all the saves!

Third match

In our third match of the tournament we played against St Joseph’s – an opponent we knew were strong. We were unlucky and lost 1-0 to them, but we played well and were strong all over the pitch with Olivia Boswell making some important tackles.

Fourth match

Our fourth and final match of the group stages was against St Mary’s; we won 2-0! Erin scored both of these goals with great set-ups from Lily and Darcey. We were really happy with our performance and we worked as a team on the pitch.

The Final

We made it to the final! We joined St Josephs and began the game. St Josephs took the lead with one goal. Then Erin made it equal with an equalizer. Erin scored due to Olivia Boswell’s amazing run through the pitch and made a great pass to set-up Erin.

The game ended 1-1. We then went to a golden goal; we were unlucky as St Joseph’s sneaked a goal in.

We came second place and we are very proud of ourselves and want to say a massive thank you to everybody who was able to come and support and us and most importantly to each other on the pitch.

Goals all together: Erin – 9 goals; Darcey – 5 goals; Wiktoria – 3 goals.

Girls Football 1a Girls Football 2a Girls Football 3a


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