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Squirrels Birthday Party

Today in Forest School we had a birthday party for Sammy Squirrel he was three years old. We decorated the log cabin with balloons and bunting. We decided to make him a birthday cake, we followed the instructions from  a recipe so we knew what ingredients to put into his cake. We used pine cones, stones, twigs, conkers, leaves , sand and mud in his cake. Duckling Class were very good at using their counting skills to make sure we put the right number of things in his cake. When everything was in the bowl we added  some water and mixed it all together to make a lovely cake. After that we went into the forest to play some party games and we made our own  birthday cakes for Sammy Squirrel. We worked together with a partner and when the cake was ready we put it into a cake tin with some candles and we all sang Happy Birthday together. Afterwards we had a  special treat from Sammy Squirrel to celebrate.



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