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Farm to Fork Trail- Tesco Visit

Today Sparrow Class  visited the Tesco Store in Chadderton to go on a Farm to Fork Trail,  We learnt all about healthy food and that to stay healthy we need to eat at least 5 different types of fruit or vegetables every day, We went on a vegetable and fruit hunt in the supermarket and had to find lots of different types. Did you know an avocado is called a crocodile pear because of it’s scaly skin. After this we found the sugar in the supermarket  and we saw all the different types of sugar and learnt what they are used for. Also we saw pictures of how they are grown from beet, so they look like carrots or from cane, so they look like bamboo shoots. After this we went for a healthy snack and a drink. We tried lots of interesting foods, brown pitta breads, cracker breads, prunes, sesame seeds, carrots, cucumber and tzatziki dip. They all tasted delicious and everybody tried lots of new things. After this we made our own healthy breakfast muesli to take back to school. We had a fantastic time and we would like to thank Tesco and Suzette for inviting us and making us feel so welcome.

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