The Governing Body work closely with the school’s leadership team making strategic decisions to improve the education for our young people. The overall board of governors meets every term. The group is also organised into small groups called committees who meet to discuss finance, staffing and the curriculum.

The Sub Committees

There are full Governing Body meetings each term. Much of the work however is carried out in sub committees. More details about the Sub-Committees can be found in section 3 below. 

Current Governing Body Information

 Governor Appointment Information    

Register of Interest


Governor Full Name Date of Appointment Term of Office (years) Appointing / Elective Body Relevant Business / Pecuniary Interests  Other Educational Establishments Governed Material Relationships (with staff or governors) 
Mr G Healey (Chair)    4 Foundation NONE
Mrs C Harrison   Foundation NONE – 
Mrs C Maymon   Foundation NONE
Mr B Madden   Foundation NONE –  – 
    Foundation NONE –  – 
Mrs K Jones   Foundation NONE –  – 
Mrs V Holt   Foundation NONE –  – 
Mrs L Coleman   LA  NONE –  – 
Mr B Thomson   Parent NONE –  – 
Mrs L Cooper   4 Parent NONE
Mr C Hanson   4 Executive Headteacher  NONE
Mrs H Williamson   4 Staff NONE
Mrs D Mundy   4 Support Staff NONE

3. Governing Board Sub-Committees Information 2018-2019

Please click the link below to see the current committee structure for 2018/2019.

Committee Structure